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  • Ford pushed the 6.0 out into market too soon before the recommended R&D was done, thus, there are problems that need to be corrected.

  • These problems are often costly but it sure beats buying a new $70K truck, Just remember most of these trucks were 50K+ when new.

  • Egr and Stock torque to yield head bolts plague the 6.0 and 6.4 trucks, We live in a non inspection state so we delete the egr (as an offroad race addition) and upgrade the bolts with aftermarket, ARP.

  • Once the HEAD STUD process is done it still has to be maintained very well. Costly repairs will more than likely incur even though you "STUDDED" the engine. 

  • We are starting to see a higher than usual failure of lifters on 6.0 trucks with high mileage, THEY ARE A WEARABLE ITEM and should be replaced when doing the Head Gaskets. They are expensive but save you from buying a new engine later down the road when one decides to go. We offer this service when doing head gaskets at a rate of $1000 for parts labor and new rear main seal. An extra $1000 saves you $8-$12k when your needing a new engine. Cheap insurance!

  • Ford head gaskets are the most reliable gaskets that's why they're three times the cost of aftermarket option.

  • For the best reliability, SCT tuner on towing seems to be the sweet spot.

  • The quality of water will determine how long your oil cooler will last. It's NOT the coolant! A coolant filter will help tremendously. Every other fluid has a filter, why wouldn't your coolant?

  • Maintenance is the key to saving money in the long run, Keep logs of it! We as Big 3 Diesel Repair also keep service logs of every truck we work on. Another plus to bringing it to us! No written hassles, everything is simple and easy. You can even access your service record yourself at Check In!


*Race Waver Required





6.0 powerstroke



  • Fuel economy on a stock truck is at max around 13 mpg, with the upgrades we do it SHOOTS up to 18-24 MPG a HUGE savings in fuel over time!

  • Rockers on 08 trucks are VERY prone to failing. Don't be reactive, be PROACTIVE.


  • The 6.4 in its stock form is a good engine but is, like the 6.0, plagued with things that are detrimental if not taken care of. 

  • DPF is the ticking time bombs that you may or may not be aware of.

  • When your truck goes into regen it fires fuel on the exhaust stroke of #7 and #8 the back two cylinders, being that it is the exhaust stroke the rings are relaxed and fuel ACTUALLY by passes the rings on the pistons and DILUTES the ENGINE oil.

  • Fuel in the oil is a VERY BAD THING, it has no lubricity compared to engine oil, with it in there at a rate of up to %20 diesel to oil it is KILLING your bearings!!

  • If the oil is not changed, the level gets to where it is burning it, in the closed crankcase system such as the 6.4 it recycles those vapors into the turbo then into the intake where it overfuels the #2 and #8 cylinder until it physically distort the piston, scores your cylinder wall and has low compression. At that time its too late to save the engine, you're out a very expensive truck and out of alot of money to fix it!

  • We have the capability to test your cylinders "health" with our VCM II scanner it compares cylinder to cylinder rpm and gives us an idea of how far away you are from needing a new short block and lets us know if its worth doing the work to the truck. 

  • Maintain the truck by hours if you do alot of idling. The hour meter is on all 05+ ford trucks and you could of put 1000 miles on it but idled for 80 hours during that, which it 2000 miles of wear!  Hours x 25 is the calculator for milles. For example, 1000 hours x 25 = 25000 miles.


*Race Waver Required


6.4 powerstroke



  • The 6.7 engine is pretty reliable, the downfalls are the DPF/EGR system.

  • Turbo's seem to becoming an issue with 6.7 trucks, worn bearings and just general failures have been becoming more frequent.

  • There have been several issues with the valves dropping and ruining the entire engine and a replacement is roughly 25-26k dollars, Sometimes ford blames it on the driver OR owner and voids warranty, leaving you with a broke truck and a large bill.

  • The fuel system is a Bosch CP4 system and it is very sensitive to contaminates and there have been some horror stories of complete fuel system failures pump throwing metal everywhere(10-13K BILL) The same goes for the new Duramax trucks (2011+) 

  • There have been some kits that upgrade/downgrade the fuel system to the tried and true CP3 Pump system.

  • Def fluid in fuel tank is a 100% chance of ruining the fuel system and having the 10-13k bill as everything fuel related needs to be replaced to remedy the situation.


*Race Waver Required

6,7 powerstroke
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