Pre-Purchase Inspection

Big 3 Diesel Repair & Quick Lane has been a local expert in the Tampa Bay area since 2013. With this has come repairs of ALL types, literally THOUSANDS of repairs. We now have resident Ford, and General Motors specialists that are familiar with diesel AND gas powered vehicles. With a knowledgeable staff of experts we take pride in knowing all there is to know about vehicles of all sizes diesel engine or gas both newer and older. Next time you are in the marked for a used vehicle and want piece of mind that you are making the right decision, then take advantage of our pre-purchase inspection!



Wouldn't you feel much more at ease if you could have an expert look the vehicle over BEFORE you purchase??? 

If the seller of the vehicle will not allow you to have the vehicle inspected before the purchase, this should raise red flags, and consider looking ELSEWHERE!

our expert technicians along with owners, and advisers who have been in the business for over 20-years will  perform a comprehensive inspection (described below) to ensure the vehicle purchase is safe, reliable, and economical. 



  • We will check ALL of the following.....

  • All vehicles will be scanned with our high tech/oem scan tools to ensure there are no trouble codes (diagnosis of codes extra)

  • undercarriage inspected, and checked for wear on any vehicle 30,000lbs or less....under-body, tires, brakes, full suspension, steering, exhaust, and available wiring (visual only). 

  • under-hood- Belts, hoses, fluid level, and conditions, available wiring (visual only), air filter condition, inspect for fluid, or vacuum leaks

  • interior- will check and advise of condition of interior panels, upholstery, seats, check functionality of every single available button to ensure that it works, condition of cabin filter (if equipped) 

   In short we will check the vehicle over from top to bottom, bumper to bumper, inside and out to report ANY deficiencies 

we will treat it as though WE are considering the purchase, and will go to work to potentially save you THOUSANDS!!!!



  • CARS/SUV/LIGHT DUTY TRUCKS- $99.95 plus tax

  • MEDIUM DUTY TRUCKS- $129.95 plus tax

  • HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS- $159.95 plus tax

  • RV/MOTOR HOMES- $199.99 plus tax

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