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Diesel oil change- $189.99 +tax

Includes up to 12 Qt of Premium full synthetic Engine oil, and filter multi-point vehicle inspection, and tire rotation

Gasoline oil change- $149.99 + tax

Includes up to 5 Qt of Premium synthetic-Blend Engine oil, and filter, multi-point vehicle inspection, and tire rotation

Mini-Tune Maintenance Kit- $49.99 Plus tax


With the new ways fuels are made including ethanol there are many adverse effects the burning of fuel has on the internal workings of your engine. the purpose of the mini-tune kit is to help limit the amount of deposits, and carbon build up on the internal parts of your engine. this kit is available and recommended with every oil change service.


Brake Fluid Exchange- $249.99 plus tax


Brake fluid absorbs water over time which gives the brake pedal a spongy feeling, causes seals to swell potentially compromising brake pad longevity, and long term can even rust brake lines from the inside out. Some manufacturers require this service every 2-years or 20,000 miles to maintain warranty.

Transmission Fluid Service- $349.99 plus tax (diesel), $289.99 plus tax (gasoline)

The transmission uses fluid to "drive" the vehicle, and much like all other fluids its properties break down, and ultimately will make the transmission work harder, shortening the life of internal parts. With our specialty equipment every drop is replaced with new fluid, and cleaners/conditioners increase the life of internal parts, seals, and gaskets. 


Cooling System Service- $349.99plus tax (diesel), $249.99plus tax (gasoline)

The engine coolant is vital for the temperature control of the internal combustion engine. Unfortunately over time coolant becomes corrosive, and literally eats metal. most of the components in your cooling system are metal including heater core, water pump, radiator, thermostat, and some passages. Most vehicles are recommended between 30,000-40,000 miles, and some manufacturers even require it to maintain warranty.

Throttle Body/Fuel injector Service- $199.99 plus tax

Modern vehicles have an Exhaust Gas Re-circulation Valve (EGR) the function of the EGR valve is to return exhaust gases back to the engine to be burned again. this makes it cleaner for the environment, but has adverse effects on the internal air portion of the engine. Carbon build up causes the engine air to become restricted, essentially making it difficult for the engine to breath. as a result the vehicle power, and fuel economy suffer. Though most manufacturers do not require this service it is vital every 15,000-20,000 miles to mainain performance and efficiency.

Diesel Fuel Injector Service- $259.99 plus tax

One of the more common failures on diesel engines are sticking fuel injectors. a stuck/failed fuel injector will cause the engine to run poorly, increase fuel consumption, and long term can cause the diesel particulate filter (DPF} to become clogged leading to very expensive repairs. This service is recommended every 3-years, or 30,000 miles

*****all services include a complimentary muli-point inspection*****

*****Dual rear wheel vehicles do not apply for free tire rotation*****

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